Online Exhibitor Toolkit

Check-out our online Exhibitor Toolkit.  Familiarize yourself with our new rules, regulations and guidelines to maximize your trade show success. Please note that these rules are subject to change annually. 

Official Show Service Contractor

We are pleased to announce that Pro-X Event Inc. has been named the Official Show Services provider for the 2024 For the Love of Baby Show. Pro-X Event is looking forward to helping make your event a success. 

Pro-X Event is providing the following services to help make sure that you stand out on the show floor and have a seamless pre-show. 

They are delighted to assist you with any questions or special requests you may have.

Show Move In / Move Out 


Shipping & Material Handling 


Storage During the Show


Furniture & Accessories

Whether you're looking for arm chairs, stools, and bistro tables or hooks, racks and accessories for your exhibit space, our catalogue has it all. You can find our furniture catalogue under Important Forms. If you are looking for custom banners, graphics, artwork or podiums and wall structures feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help transform your space. 

*Please note, all furniture (owned or rented) must stay inside your designated booth space. Any overflow into the aisles is not permitted.

Show Badges 

To solidify your request for personnel on the show floor throughout the duration of the show, please be sure to register each individual attending with your company.  The badge registration form is to be completed per person attending with your company. 

Only individuals 18 years of age or older are allowed on the show floor at any time. 

There are three types of show badges:  

Badge Request Forms NOT Available yet for 2025

Please Note: 

All exhibitor badges can be picked-up from the registration desk.

ID will need to be shown in order to receive your badge. 

Anyone without a badge will not be allowed on the show floor at anytime. As such, your badge must be visible and on your person at all times. 

Official Show Rules

1. Set-Up and Tear-Down Times: Exhibitors must strictly follow the scheduled set-up and tear-down times communicated by the event organizers. This ensures a smooth flow of operations, minimizes show floor traffic and avoids disruptions.

2. Set-Up and Tear-Down Meetings: Please refrain from conducting retail meetings or sales activities within your booth space outside of show hours. This includes NO sales meetings or business during set-up and tear-down.  

3. Safety Regulations: Exhibitors must comply with all safety regulations set by the event venue, including fire safety, electrical code, and work environment safety hazards. 

4. Promotional Materials: Distribution of promotional materials, such as brochures, samples, or giveaways, should be limited to the exhibitor's booth space and not obstruct the aisles or common areas of the event. 

5. Alcohol & Smoking: Please be advised that the presence of alcohol in your booth or on the show floor is not permitted at any time unless prior arrangements have been made with the hotel. Smoking, including vaping, is strictly prohibited indoors at all times. Kindly observe and adhere to the designated smoking signs located outside the hotel premises. 

6. Age Restriction: The show floor is restricted to individuals aged 14 and above. Children under the age of 14 unless an employee of an exhibiting company cannot be on the show floor at any time. 

7. Exhibitor Badges: During show hours all exhibitors and attendees must wear their show badges whether inside a booth, walking the aisles or on the show floor. 

8. Exhibitor Insurance: If you are bringing your own display to the show, it is strongly encouraged that your company obtains prior to the participation in the event. The certificate of insurance should have Commercial General Liability, covering both bodily injury and property damage.